Hi! Do you like to travel, whether it’s to attend sporting events, or just for the love of it? Do you like talking about your favorite sports or E-sports? Can you translate your passion for travel or sports into around 500-600 words? Then why not consider contributing to our blog? We’re looking for writers who can submit articles about travel, sports (of the physical, electronic, or entertainment varieties), or a combination of both! If you can follow strict deadlines while coming up with interesting, relevant articles, we’d love to hear from you. Send us some samples of your work so we can see if the quality of your work matches our standards. Here are some things your sample MUST have:

A catchy title

A title that’s witty, informative, and engaging is a definite must. Please don’t use any “clickbait” style titles that will mislead our readers, though! Misleading titles might score readers the first few times, but it’s not good for getting readers to stick with us.

Proper Layouts

Using proper headers for your sections or lists will make sure your content is compartmentalized neatly! Think of it like a chest of drawers. Life is easier when everything is clearly labeled, right?

Proper Grammar and Punctuation

The easiest messages to read are the ones that don’t have you puzzling over what the author is trying to get across, or debating with other readers about what the message actually was. Proper grammar and punctuation both go a long way in making sure you get those ideas across clearly!

Please make sure that the sample is around 500 – 600 words only, is completely original (no copy-pasting, please!) and then submit your samples or links to your existing work to the email address listed on our Contact Page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!