Where You Need To Be: Resting Your Head On The Road

Home is where the heart is, but for a heart on the road, a good hotel will have to do. But which hotel (or motel) is best for you? Often, we have the luxury of deciding where we’re going to stay when we book in advance, but often times, the main factor at that point is price. When you need to make a last-minute booking, though, there are other factors to balance out when picking where to spend the night:

Distance to the Venue

Depending on whether it’s the night before the event you’re attending or the night after, the importance of this element varies. If the event is already done, then the distance of the hotel from the venue isn’t too much of a problem. If the event is the next morning, however, distance is a significant factor based on travel time, traffic, and what time the event starts, especially if you need to reach an island like Ibiza and hire a luxury car there: http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/spain/ibiza/. In this case, closer is better as you won’t have to worry about making it to the event on time.


One of the biggest problems with last minute bookings is the cost. Nicer usually hotels have higher rates the closer to the booking date. Same day bookings may have additional fees for early check-ins (or late depending on when you book) if you’re going to check-in after the event you attended. Motels trade lower prices and more flexible check-in times for lower-quality accommodations. Depending on how tired you are, the quality of the bed might not matter all that much (until you wake up, at least!)


This is probably the most important factor to consider when picking a place to stay. Saving money and travel time doesn’t mean anything if you put yourself at risk. This is especially true if you find yourself travelling abroad. Often times, local street smarts don’t to foreign countries. If you’re in a foreign country (or even just unfamiliar territory), spending extra to make sure you’re at a reputable hotel is definitely worth it!

Overall Ratings and Reviews

Thanks to apps that provide hotel reviews and ratings in addition to prices like Trivago, tired travellers can easily check reviews of hotels they’re considering. This is really important as it can help you outright eliminate certain venues based on reviews. After all, you don’t want the most memorable part of your trip to be a terrible hotel stay, right?

Always keep in mind that the hotel you decide on can make or break your trip. A bad stay before the night before the big game can leave you in a foul mood preventing you from enjoying the show you travelled to watch. A crappy hotel can quickly kill the emotional high you got from watching WrestleMania. Do you have any particular hotels you always prefer to stay at when you rent a Porsche in Barcelona?? When it isn’t available, what factors do you consider when choosing your hotel? What tips do you have for fellow travelers who find themselves in need of a last-minute hotel? Let us know! We always love reading the stories and tips you guys send in.

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Event-Full Trips: Event Quality vs Quantity

One of the hard things most adults have to face is the limited amount of vacation time we get to earn over the course of the year. Often times, this means cramming as many things as we can into our vacation time as we can. Most of the time, people schedule their vacation around 1 event and then spend the rest of that vacation just filling in the blanks. Other times, we find amazing travel deals that include transport and lodging for several nights, get excited and book for an event we want to go to, then spend the rest of the time in the hotel, wondering what else there is to do. Seems like a waste right? With this in mind, one may wonder whether to plan trips and vacations around a single event, or to schedule it around multiple events. Here are some tips on whether to build your trip around quality or quantity

Consider The Trade “Value”

Ask yourself: how much are you getting from the trip. If the event is a multi-day event or an event that you’ve been planning on attending and are heavily invested in, then that definitely sounds like an event that’s worth focusing on for your trip. However, if the event is one that caught your interest but you aren’t that invested in, like perhaps an off-season of a team you like or a minor e-sports tournament, you may want to see what other events, conventions, or attractions are also in the area or you can travel to within your vacation time or trip duration.

Consider Your Budget

Attending multiple events doesn’t just mean entrance fees and tickets. There are also costs like food (I personally can’t enjoy a good game without a bucket of popcorn and a large soda), travel costs, and (especially for conventions) merchandise you might want to score for your collection. If you’ve got passes to the game, or don’t plan on getting any merch, quantity may be a better bet over quality. If you’re headed to a merch heavy event, however, like a major E-sports tournament, saving your hard-earned money for a single event may be the way to go.

Consider Distance

Like we mentioned in a previous article, travel is a lot easier now, making the temptation to consider out-of-town events for your itinerary a lot stronger. Keep in mind, however, that traveling farther usually means higher costs. If you have a car or other form of personal transport, travel may be cheaper than taking a plane. This does, however, make the need for parking (and having to deal with parking fees) something to consider. Backpacking is a viable option, but depending on how much time off you have available, the longer travel time needed by backpacking might mean it’s only viable if you’re only planning to go to one event.

When you get vacation time to travel, do you prefer building it around a single event, or do you prefer to schedule it around multiple events? Why not check out our contact information from our page and share your stories with us!

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Happy Trails: Tips For New Backpackers

Welcome back to our blog! Last week, we talked about deciding on whether to travel to an event or to just stay at home. This week, we’ll be focusing on one method in particular you can use to get to events you’d like to attend: backpacking.

While some people feel that backpacking doesn’t have as far a range as other forms of transport, backpacking can actually get you pretty far with the right amount of preparation. Here are some tips to help make your trip go smoother:

Plan Your Itinerary

While this is true for all forms of travel, especially ones with an agenda, a backpacking itinerary is very important. Unlike booking a plane and a hotel, backpacking will require you to really plan out your trip. What methods of public transportation will be available to you? What timetables do they follow? How many rest stops will you need to make on the way? Are there rest stops within your budget? These are all factors to consider, especially if you want to make it to the event you’re aiming to get to on time. Not knowing the transportation timetables can be the difference between enjoying those hard earned seats at the game and missing the game entirely!

Make Sure Your Gear Is Good

One trap a lot of people who want to go backpacking is being concerned over whether the gear they have looks good, rather than if it IS good.  That fashionable backpack won’t be so great when your back is aching or your shoulders are stiff! Choosing a brand that’s trendy over a brand that’s known to be tough and reliable can also hurt in the long run if your backpack starts falling apart on you! The gurus over at Backpacker have some solid tips on choosing the right backpack for you and your trip

Know Your Budget

Sometimes it’s really tempting to splurge on a hotel or meal when you near your destination. This isn’t a problem if your budget allows for it. Overspending, however, can lead to a lot of problems if you don’t have a backup plan. Knowing how much you can spend on a daily basis is essential in making sure that both your trip to your destination and your trip home are safe and comfortable, especially if you’re backpacking abroad.

Enjoy The Trip

When backpacking, don’t forget the trip is just as important as the destination. If you’re going to rush through the trip, then perhaps backpacking isn’t the best form of travel for you. When you plan your itinerary, remember to give yourself ample time to be able to take in the sights and enjoy the locales you’ll be passing through on your way. There’s a lot to discover on the trail that you’ll miss completely through other forms of travel.

Have you tried backpacking before? How far did you travel? Do you have any tips for new backpackers who are eager to start? How about encouraging anecdotes for those who are apprehensive? Do you have any “must visit” areas you’d recommend to other backpackers? Be sure to let us know!

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