Hi there and welcome to our blog! Over the years, travel has become a lot easier for almost everybody. Advances in transportation technology, improved infrastructure, and affordable international packages have made this possible. Thanks to advances in communications technology, not only do we have access to more sports entertainment via TV or the Internet, but we have an all-new type of sport: E-sports. The world of travel and sports come together as now, it’s easier for everybody to both keep up to date with sports news and to travel to watch their favorite teams.

There are a few roadblocks though. Some sports sites just aren’t mobile friendly for those of us on the go. Some sports sites are also blocked at places of work that want to keep the bandwidth free for work-related tasks. For people who want to watch live, the thought of travelling across the country (or overseas, depending on the event) can be very daunting for many reasons. Some people are worried about the financial aspect, while others are worried about travelling itself.

This is where we come in! Our mobile friendly site is designed to be both viewer-friendly and bandwidth friendly for readers on the go. Our writers provide regularly updated articles and reviews for a variety of sports entertainment as well as provide travel tips for people who want to go watch their favorite sports live!

Need a quick update on a major event? How about a thoughtful review of a recently concluded event? Want to make the most out of the vacation trip you’ve been saving those vacation leaves for? Or do you want to know what you can do to make that trip you’re taking to support your home team go smoothly? If your answer was “Yes!” to any of these questions, then let US help YOU reach your goal!