Off-Season? On Budget!: Why Travel During The Off-Season Is Awesome

One of the things I really, REALLY hate about vacation season is how everybody else is ALSO on vacation. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not an antisocial recluse who shuns contact with other human beings. I do enjoy social interaction and meeting new people. My problem is that with all the people on the road, traffic is usually crazy (crazier than normal, at least), most of the good hotels are fully booked, and the ones that aren’t usually have their prices jacked up pretty high! Also, most of the good spots to visit are crowded to the point that you can’t really enjoy the place. So what do I do? I take my vacations on the off-seasons. Vacationing on the off-season can have a lot of perks for people who decide to hit the beaches even it isn’t beach season anymore. Here are a few:

Low, Low Prices

A lot of resorts and venues that provide accommodation for tourists are closed when the vacation season is over. Some venues (usually the larger ones, surprisingly) remain open all year. How do they attract business on the off-season? Dropping rates. Some venues will only drop rates on rooms, but there are venues that also offer discounts or package deals on the services or attractions they offer. Offers can include access to facilities not normally available for the rooms you booked, to free upgrades to a better room. Others can be “unlimited access” to activities like ziplines or activity areas that usually are pay-per-use. Be sure to check out the websites of resorts and tourist-centric hotels during the off season to see what’s being offered!

Less Traffic

Unless your vacation destination is in the heart of a busy metropolis, most vacation spots are somewhat removed from the daily grind of the corporate world. After all, it probably wouldn’t be very easy to relax when you know your place of work is just a few blocks away right? This means that while city traffic will probably be bad, the roads should open up the closer you get to your destination. Another vehicular bonus: parking should be easily available as well! And unless you’re vacationing in a busy metropolis like Las Vegas, parking shouldn’t be a problem either!

More Pleasant Interactions

One thing I noticed in particular about off-season vacations is that the staff seems generally more pleasant. While good resort and hotel staff always maintain a professional air, one can’t help but notice how tired or stressed they can seem during peak vacation days. On the off-season though, they’re often more relaxed which, believe me, can make a huge impact on your vacation. When you’re in a resort with only 6 other guests, it does feel particularly nice when the staff remembers you by name during your visit.

Significantly Shorter Lines

Hands down the best part for me. No long lines checking in. No having for that one huge family with three senior citizens, a dozen kids, and maybe 5 adults trying to figure out what everybody wants from the buffet table, usually blocking all the really good stuff (which is usually all gone by the time they leave!). No lines outside the comfort rooms when nature calls at the beach. Perfect Vacation.

How about you? Do you prefer travelling during peak season or on the off-season as well?